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Pit Bulls Of Thunder Ridge
Has dog's Bred by Us
Powerhouse Kennels
Has Rocko sired dogs
Deleware Kennels
A great pitbull site from Deleware with dogs with similar pedigrees
Caleb's Corner
Cute Lab Page
Vueline Kennels
An up and coming Kennel to look out for,in Nothern Ca.
Satin Kennels
Another great So.Cal site that owns one of my babies,Check it out!
Buenos Aires Kennels
Cool Florida Pitbull page
Boca Kennels
Another cool Florida Kennel
Gemini Kennels
This is another pitbull site in Southern Californiawith top U.K.C. dogs
Northern CA. Kennel
Has dogs in my line
Whizbang Kennels
More Beautiful A.P.B.T.'s from Southern California
Gaff Kennels
Awesome Dogs in my Line
National A.P.B.T.Association
For more information about the United Kennel Club you can contact these National officers through e-mail
Ivy League Kennels
A very nice pitbull webpage with great dogs
Blackout Kennels
Great site with a pic of the month contest